Reading Order and Tropes for Lane Hart and D.B. West’s Books

All In - Gambling with Love

All In: Double or Nothing – Love Triangle

All In: Betting on a Full House - Friend’s Ex

All In: Calling His Bluff – Brother’s Best Friend

All In: Playing the Fool – Mistaken Identity

All In: Playing to Win – Opposites Attract

All In: Paying to Play – Fake Relationship

All In: Paying His Way - Brother’s Ex

All In: Raising the Stakes – Opposites Attract


Cocky Cage Fighters

Jax – Forbidden Attorney/Client

Jude – Coach’s Daughter

Linc – Mistaken Identity

Mace – Brother’s Best Friend

Senn – Best Friend’s Ex

Nate – Starting Over/Single Parent

Trick – Stepbrother/Cinderella Retelling

Luke – Brother’s Ex

Alex – Hidden Identity

Jax’s Christmas Story

Logan – Boss’s Daughter

Haven - Bodyguard

Xavier – Friends-to-Lovers

Sage – Second-Chance


Out of the Cage

Cain – Friends-to-Lovers

Ivan – Mistaken Identity

Knox – Opposites Attract


Playing Dirty Series

Ballbuster – Enemies-to-Lovers

Perfect Spiral – Surprise Baby

Delay of Game - MM Romance

Eligible Receivers – MFM Romance


Savage Kings MC (E-books only available at Amazon)

King’s Road - Prequel

Chase – Second-Chance

Abe – Bodyguard

Torin – Enemy’s Daughter 

War – Single Father

Maddox – Best Friend’s Sister

Dalton – Enemies-to-Lovers

Reece – Opposites Attract

Miles – Mail-Order Bride

Sax – Enemy’s Daughter

Cooper – Off-Limits

Gabe & Ian – MFM Romance

Cedric – Second-Chance


Savage Kings MC – South Carolina (E-books only available at Amazon)

Roman – Best Friend’s Widow

Winston – Stepbrother

Verek – Vigilante Justice

Conrad – Enemy’s Daughter

Cannon – Bodyguard

Nolan – Second-Chance

Abel – MMF Romance

Hugo – Hidden Identity

Marcus – Off-Limits/Female Prospect 

Jake – Second-Chance

*Savage Prince* - Mafia Romance

Lucas – Enemy’s Sister

Leo – New Beginnings


Savage Kings MC - Virginia (E-books only available at Amazon)

Remy – Fake Relationship

Colt – Age Gap/Older Woman

Bear – Sister’s Ex/Running from Danger

Ruger – MM Romance

Isaac – Age Gap/Best Friend’s Father

Greer - Bosshole


Dirty Aces MC (E-books only available at Amazon)

Malcolm – Enemies-to-Lovers

Devlin - Brother’s Enemy

Nash – Hidden Identity

Silas – Mistaken Identity

Wirth – Enemy’s Ex

Fiasco – Brother’s Best Friend


Mercy Academy

Beg for Mercy - Enemies-to-Lovers

Crave Your Mercy - Brother’s Best Friend

Have Mercy – Enemies-to-Lovers


Playboy Billionaire Club

One Night with a Billionaire - Small town/Opposites

Two Nights with a Heartthrob - Bosshole

Three Nights with a Player - Friends-to-Lovers


Dark Redemption

Exploited – Dark Romance

Redeemed - Dark Romance



Tainted Love – Opposites Attract

Crazy in Love – Professor/Student


Standalone Romance

Wreck Me - Age Gap

Indiscretion - Age Gap/Forbidden

Thrill Ride - Dark Romance

Let Him Reign - Paranormal Romance


Standalone Reverse Harem

Encore - Rock Stars

Rush - College Football Players


Monster Hunter for Hire (Writing as L.West) - Paranormal Romance

Filthy Creatures

Super Beast

Power Hungry

Spookshow Baby

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