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All In: Playing to Win (Gambling with Love, Book 5)

All In: Playing to Win (Gambling with Love, Book 5)

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Zack Bradford's ego is so big that it can barely be contained in the stadium where he plays professional football.

The quarterback previously named Rookie of the Year and deemed the Sexiest Man Alive is on top of the world. Or at least he was until he gets hit by a scandal that could end his career. To keep his multi-million dollar contract with the family-oriented Wildcats, Zack has to improve his playboy image, starting with settling down with one woman…and he must do so in less than a week's time!

Natalie Adair's life changed dramatically when she found out she had breast cancer at the young age of twenty-one. Deciding to dedicate her second chance at life helping others, Natalie accepts a job at one of the nation’s largest breast cancer foundations. The organization's most lucrative fundraiser is the auction of autographed team merchandise by professional football players, and this year Natalie's in charge of the event. Not only is it a great cause, but the event provides Natalie with the opportunity to get up close and personal with incredibly hot players, including the quarterback from college who swept her off her feet with a kiss of epic proportions. After her and Zack Bradford's kiss in their sophomore year, Natalie went right back to being invisible…that is, until their two paths cross again.

Zack can't believe his luck when a beautiful saint, one that actually works for a cancer charity for chrissakes, practically falls into his lap. She’s just the woman he needs to save his job. The only problem? The tiny, feisty, and somewhat familiar blonde flat out turns him down. Zack welcomes the challenge of having to actually work to woo a woman, but he warns Natalie that once he decides he wants to play, he only plays to win.

Will Natalie be able to resist Zack's persistence and charisma, or will she overcome her insecurities and end up falling for the player?

Main Tropes

  • Cocky Quarterback
  • Second-Chance Romance
  • Playboy Transformation

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