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Delay of Game (Playing Dirty Sports Romance, Book 3)

Delay of Game (Playing Dirty Sports Romance, Book 3)

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My mom is dying. The cancer is eating away at her body a little more each day, and the worst part is I know she’s so tired of fighting. She’s starting to surrender to the sickness.

That’s why I stupidly blurted out at Thanksgiving that I had met a woman and was engaged. The truth is, there’s no woman in my life and never has been. I just wanted to give my mother something to live for, a few celebrations, an extravagant wedding, the possibility of grandchildren…

Now I just need to find a nice girl to pretend to be my fiancée and walk down the aisle with me in a matter of weeks.

Actually, that may be a piece of cake compared to trying to stay away from the one person who has managed to ignite something deep inside of me for the first time in my life. Something I can’t ignore or forget no matter how hard I try.

Main Tropes

  • MM Romance
  • Male Virgin
  • Opposites Attract



By the time I get to the locker room, Cameron, my last teammate, is leaving. With a quick goodbye, he hurries out to reunite with his
friends or family. I probably should get a move on too so I can call and check in with my parents…

“Whoa! Holy
washboard abs, Batman!”

I startle at the sudden, echoing comment in the otherwise empty, silent locker room. Reflexively, I reach down to grasp the
towel tighter around my waist to hold it in place while seeking out the voice coming from the doorway to my right.

Instantly recognizing the handsome, auburn-haired man in an immaculate suit, I blow out a breath of relief that it’s not some crazy stalker fan.

Actually, I shouldn’t relax just yet…

“What the hell are you doing in here, Pax?” I ask the gay best friend of Roxy, our team and the league’s
only female player. “By now you know damn well that Roxy’s locker room is on the other side of the stadium.”

Wait, did I mentally call him handsome?

And was he complimenting
my abs when he walked in?

Glancing down, I realize my six-pack is pretty damn impressive thanks to the grueling game we just won and hours of dehydration. I should take a pic before I eat everything in sight and it reverts to a regular gut.

“I’m horrible with directions and shit,” Pax replies, his voice growing louder as he steps further into the room.

Turning my back to him to dig in my duffle for a shirt, I gruffly tell him, “Yeah, well, get the fuck out. This isn’t your personal peep show.” I’m not entirely sure why I feel so defensive about his presence
when I’m trying to get dressed. 

“Go ahead and change, it’s not like I’ve never seen a dick before,” Pax replies, and I hear a metallic clang like he just rested his shoulder or back against a locker, intending to stick around. I refuse to look over at him to confirm.

“The problem is that you actually like looking at other dicks,” I argue.

“That’s not true,” Pax says. “I like looking at my own dick too. It’s a rather impressive unit in length and girth, but maybe I’m biased. I could show you and you could decide for yourself.”

“Get the fuck out,” I tell him when my cock gives an involuntary twitch at his arrogance. And while it’s surprising, I tell myself to ignore it. It’s probably just the hot water from jacuzzi tub heating up my
blood, along with the thoughts of the porn I’m planning to watch when I get home.

 “Ah, come on, Lathan. Don’t be shy. Drop the towel and let me just see if your cock is as big as I think it is, and then I’ll leave,” Pax says, his request causing my pulse
to race until all I can hear is the roaring sound of it in my ears. Shit, can he hear my heart pounding from ten feet away or see the partial tenting under my towel? My cock is obviously just happy to have any compliments or attention on it, even if it’s from another man. A gay man who makes no excuses for his sexuality.

“One of these days you’re gonna walk in on the wrong person and get your ass kicked,” I warn him.

“Maybe, but you would be surprised by how many homos in hiding you’ll find in any given locker room,” he replies while I grab my t-shirt out of my duffle and pull it over my head. “In my experience, they’re
usually the last to leave, either because they doddle and take their time to get a good look at naked teammates, or they intentionally wait until everyone’s gone to shower to change so that they won’t give in to the temptation to look.”

“What the fuck are you implying?” I snap at him when I spin around to face him again. “I have to soak my knee in the Jacuzzi for half
an hour before I shower, so everyone’s gone by the time I get done.”

“That was a rather quick explanation you made there. And I’m pretty sure I’m picking up a hint of defensiveness,” Pax says before
his eyes lower to the front of my towel that’s not covered by my shirt.

“I’m not gay,” I declare, slapping my palm over it.

“Didn’t say you were,” Pax replies before he finally turns to leave. “But I don’t think you’re one hundred percent straight either judging by that stiffy you’re sporting.”

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