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Eligible Receivers (Playing Dirty Sports Romance, Book 4)

Eligible Receivers (Playing Dirty Sports Romance, Book 4)

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When a newly single girl like me decides to play the field, what’s better than one big, sexy, rough-and-tumble professional football player?

How about two of them?

Cameron and Nixon have been best friends for years, and now I’ve found myself in the middle of them.

The two cocky wide receivers compete over everything – who kisses me better, who can last longer, who has the biggest…well, you get the point.

At first, it’s all fun and games, until I start to fall for both of them. Hard.

But I’m just not the type of girl who sleeps with two men at the same time.

I would rather walk away from both rather than end up hurting one of them.

The problem is, I’m pretty sure that decision is out of my hands.

Main Tropes

  • MFM Romance
  • Competitive Football Players
  • Opposites Attract



As soon as Kelsey’s out of the kitchen I go over and poke my index finger in the center of Nix’s chest.

“Back off,” I warn him in a hushed whisper.

Smirking, he gives me a one-word response. “No.”


“No. You haven’t won shit yet,” he replies.

“This isn’t a game,” I tell him through clenched teeth.

“It is whether you like it or not. But don’t worry, Cam, you can’t win them all,” Nix says with a grin before he grabs a tray of cookies and strolls out of the kitchen.

Since I can’t physically make him leave the house so that I can be alone with Kelsey, I guess we’ll have to wait it out and see what happens. 

Picking up the plate of leftover brownies, I pop a square into my mouth and carry them out to the living room where Kelsey is sitting in the middle of the sofa with Nixon to her left. Of course, I take the
right side after I place the brownies on the coffee table next to the Jell-O shots. My long legs sprawl out so far that my knee is just an inch away from Kelsey’s tall boots. And I have to say that I’m really liking the way the hem
of her dress moves up her thigh when she’s sitting, showing that gap of sheer hose between her boots and dress. I’m so close to her that I can smell the sweet scent of cupcakes coming from her, making my mouth water. 

“Oh, um, I thought you two would want the recliners. That's Quinton’s favorite spot to watch television,” Kelsey says, sitting on the edge of the cushion with her back ramrod straight and legs pressed tightly together. 

“Nah, it’s comfier here,” I say as I stretch my arm over the back of the sofa behind Kelsey and knock Nix’s arm away. “Besides, it’s easier to reach all the food.”

“Yeah, sure,” Kelsey says, and she doesn’t appear to have any idea why Nix and I are both crowding her, looking tense and nervous by our close proximity.

Why does that notion make my cock twitch behind the zipper of my jeans?

Probably because the women I’m used to spending time with are never shy. Jersey chasers don’t waste a second getting their hands
and…other body parts all over my body, without me having to raise a finger. So actually being the aggressor for once is exciting, heating up my natural
competitive urges to conquer and dominate. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the thrill of the chase and how the victory is even sweeter when I have to earn it. And I am going to earn it.

I have no fucking clue why Nix won’t give up on pursuing Kelsey, other than he enjoys winning, especially when it means defeating me.
That’s exactly why I’m not gonna lose, because sleeping with Kelsey or any other woman isn’t a game. She’s a person with feelings and shit.

And I may die if I don’t get to see the curves hiding under her green dress tonight.

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