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Haven: A Bodyguard Romance (Cocky Cage Fighter Spin-off Standalone)

Haven: A Bodyguard Romance (Cocky Cage Fighter Spin-off Standalone)

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Haven Ward only had one job as a personal bodyguard – keep Mackenzie Stiles alive and unharmed.

After making a monumental mistake, his billionaire boss is livid and ready to send him packing. Haven begs Mr. Stiles for a second chance to prove himself; and surprisingly enough, he gives him one…with one small catch.

Befriending Mr. Stiles’ shy, recluse daughter seems like a piece of cake especially since Haven needs his job to provide for the people depending on him.

Mackenzie is a beautiful girl with an ugly darkness in her that Haven slowly begins to unravel. As he helps her slay her demons, she becomes an irresistible force he can’t resist.

Despite the consequences, Haven believes Mackenzie was always meant to be his to protect. He’ll do anything to be with her, even come clean to his boss about their relationship.

When Mackenzie finds out her father paid Haven to be her friend, the betrayal has her questioning every second with the man she thought loved her, sending her spiraling out of control.

In the end, Haven realizes too late that no matter how hard he tries, there’s nothing he can do to keep Mackenzie safe from herself.

Haven can be read as a standalone, however it includes characters first mentioned in Alex (Cocky Cage Fighter, Book 9).

Warning: The characters in this fictional story struggle with serious emotional issues like depression and suicide which could be a trigger for individuals who have experienced similar situations.

Main Tropes

  • Possessive Hero
  • Bodyguard Romance
  • Opposites Attract


Mackenzie Stiles

The sinking black hole inside of me grows a little deeper and wider each day. Teasing Alex could usually beat it back some, but without him…I don’t know what the fuck I’ll do. 
My fists clench by my sides and my fingernails dig into the flesh of my palms as I rest my back against the closed door. The pain feels good, like I’m taking control of my body and my life and finding some relief. 
My relief is shattered when I’m suddenly shoved forward, nearly falling on my face before my hand reaches out to catch myself on the foot of my mattress. 
“Hey! What the hell?” I exclaim when I turn around and see Ward ducking his head under my doorway and squeezing through the opening. “What are you doing in here?” I ask. 
“Room inspection,” he says before he walks past me and starts opening the drawers on my dresser. 
“You have no right!” I yell at him since it’s impossible to try and stop him when all he has to do is flick me away with his fingers like I’m nothing but a bothersome fly. 
“Take it up with daddy,” the jerk says while he continues riffling through my bras and panties before moving on to my socks. 
I don’t know which is more embarrassing, having him see all my underwear or the fact that I’m only allowed to have sports bras and granny panties with no strings.
After he’s finished with my dresser, he peels the sheets back from my bed, the place where I sleep and do other very personal, private things. 
When he starts to lift my mattress, I panic. 
“No!” I tell him as I hop on top of it, bouncing a few times when my butt hits it so hard. “There’s nothing to see under here,” I say with my palms pressed down by my sides like I’m capable of holding the thing in place. 
“Up,” the annoying ogre instructs. Although, ogre probably isn’t the right word since Ward is enormous but not hideous. He’s actually the opposite, with jet-black hair and thin beard, long, almost girly dark lashes drawing attention to his denim blue eyes. I would climb him like the tree he is if given the chance, not that he would ever want a silly little inexperienced girl like me. 
The point is, he’s hot and he’s already seen my unflattering bras and panties. I can’t let him see what’s hiding underneath my mattress. 
“Up,” he says again, his thick eyebrows meeting and voice deepening so that the one word is an order while the first time it sounded like a request. 
I shake my head in refusal, which does nothing to stop him. He lifts the right side of the mattress with me on it, sending me sliding right off onto the other side of the floor where I wish I could liquify and seep into the carpet. 
“What the…oh!” Ward says from behind the raised mattress. And when I peek over, he’s holding my bright pink Lelo in his big mitt.
Kill me now.

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