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Sage (Cocky Cage Fighters Legacy, Book 2)

Sage (Cocky Cage Fighters Legacy, Book 2)

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Sage Abrams has been training for years with one goal in mind – to win a welterweight championship title, just like his father Linc. That’s why, unlike his twin brother Talon, he keeps to a strict regimen. He doesn’t ever date, drink, or party.

With an undefeated record, Sage is finally going to get his chance at a belt. The only thing that stands in the way of him becoming the best welterweight fighter in the world is his opponent, Cyrus Cutler, and an illegal hit that knocks him unconscious.

When Sage wakes up in the hospital, he doesn’t remember the fight or anything else that’s happened in the last few years. The one person he wants by his side as he recovers is Eden, his ex-girlfriend.

Eden is suddenly caught up in a love triangle. After Sage’s injury, he doesn’t remember dumping her and pushing her into his brother Tal’s arms in order to concentrate on his training.

Will Eden pick Sage, the sweet, determined brother who has already broken her heart once, or will she stay with Tal, the tattooed, bad boy who is only looking for a good time?

Main Tropes

  • Possessive Hero
  • Brother's Ex-Girlfriend
  • Memory Loss



Nothing has ever been as terrifying as watching Sage get carried off on a gurney, strapped down tight to keep him from moving. Until, of course, I noticed he wasn’t moving and found myself shifting into a new, higher gear of fear. Tears flow freely from my eyes, and I don’t even care. I always hated seeing him hurt, but he’s never been down like this before. And the worst part is, Cyrus doesn’t even look concerned while the paramedics and team doctors tend to Sage. No, he just blows up and starts raising hell when the judges come over to talk to him – no doubt telling him that he’s been disqualified for an illegal hit. Tal keeps walking towards Cyrus and his group of trainers, who are now standing near their entryway on the far side of the arena, but I keep a death grip on his arm for as long as he lets me before hurrying to catch up to the paramedics. 
Miriah and I follow our families outside along with half of the crowd as they take Sage to the ambulance. I can barely even get a glimpse of the paramedics lifting Sage into the back, and then they’re driving away with the lights and sirens on. 
They wouldn’t be in a rush unless it’s serious. 
“The ambulance is probably just precautionary,” Miriah says as she pulls me into a hug. “You know how it is, fighters get knocked out all of the time!” 
“Yes, but this one was different,” I tell her. “Kneeing someone in the head when they’re down is illegal for a reason! It’s dangerous.” 
“I know,” she says. “Sage probably has a concussion, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. We need to stay optimistic. No point thinking the worst…” she trails off. 
When I finally spot my dad in the crowd, I grab Miriah’s arm and rush over. “Have you heard anything?” I ask when I reach him and my mom. 
“Not yet, no,” Dad says. “Never seen anything like that,” he grumbles, which doesn’t exactly help. 
I pull out my phone, intending to call Tal when his name lights up on the screen with an incoming call. 
“It’s Tal,” I tell them before I answer. “Tal, how is he?” 
“Not great, but at least he’s conscious again. The ambulance is taking him to the local hospital for tests. That’s all I know right now.” 
“We’ll meet you there,” I say in a rush. Not only am I worried about Sage, but this can’t be easy on Tal either – watching his brother go down and not wake up for so long. 
“Good. See you then,” he says. 
“He’s conscious,” I tell Miriah and my parents with a sigh of relief. “Tal says they’re going to do some tests. I want to go, to be there at the hospital even if all we can do is wait.”
“Jesus. I hope the boy is okay,” Dad says. 
“Yeah, me too,” I agree. 
* * *
For the next few hours, time slows down as I sit or pace in the hospital waiting room that is full of friends from Havoc. Everyone is uneasy. Linc, Sage’s dad, came out to tell us they were doing an MRI and it could take another hour or more to get the results from the doctor. 
After about two hours or so, Linc and the twin’s mom Claire come out, both looking extremely relieved. “He’s going to be fine,” his mom says, which is met with applause from all of us. 
“He has a concussion,” Linc adds when we all get out of our seats to give him and Claire a hug. “There is some swelling of his brain, so they’re going to keep him tonight to make sure it doesn’t get any worse. If it doesn’t, he’ll be able to go home tomorrow.” 
“Thank fuck,” Mace mutters to which Miriah rolls her eyes and says, “Dad, we’re in public!” 
“Thank fuck is right,” Linc says with a chuckle. “Anyway, we appreciate you all coming out to watch the fight and waiting around here. It means a lot to us. I could probably sneak some of you back to see Sage before you leave.” 
Several of the guys follow Linc and Claire back to the locked doors, and Linc holds it open for everyone to go through. Then he turns to me and says, “Aren’t you coming, Eden?’ 
“Oh, well, I want to, but I wasn’t sure…” 
“He would never admit it, but I’m sure Tal could use a friend after this stressful night.” 
“Yeah, me too,” I agree. “I’ll be right back,” I promise Miriah. 
“Go on, take your time. I can ride back home with my parents and brother.” 
“Are you sure?” I ask. 
“Yes, go! Call me later,” she says when she gives me a quick hug. 
“Okay. Have a safe trip home,” I reply before I jog to the door Linc is still holding open. “Thanks,” I say to him, meaning for more than the door but for letting me go back. 
“You know we still think of you as family,” Linc tells me as he leads the way down the hall to the large group filling one of the hospital room doors. 
I’m not sure how to respond to that, so I don’t say anything. At one time, years ago, I did feel like I was part of the Abrams family. Then the breakup happened; and while Linc may refer to me as Tal’s girlfriend, he’s mistaken. 
Speak of the devil…Tal slips out of the room just as we approach. 
“Hey,” he says before he throws his inked, muscular arms around me. I hate that he smells so strongly of alcohol and weed, but it occurs so frequently lately that I’ve started to find it…comforting. No matter how many times I’ve tried to get him to drink and smoke less, it hasn’t done any good. Tal doesn’t listen to anyone. The more you tell him not to do something, the more he enjoys doing it. 
“How are you holding up?” I ask when I pull back. 
“Me? I’m not the one who took that asshole’s knee to the head,” he grits out. “I’ll fucking kill Cyrus with my bare hands the next time I see his cheating ass.” 
“The IFC will handle him. He’ll probably be disqualified from the league for the rest of his life,” I assure him. “Right now, you just need to worry about Sage. I’m so glad it wasn’t anything more serious.” 
“Yeah, me too,” he agrees. “Concussions are no biggie. Every fighter gets one now and then, and we always recover.” 
“Yeah,” I say, even though I know they can be more dangerous than he’s letting on. 
“Come on. I know you want to see him for yourself,” Tal says with a smirk before he takes my hand and pulls me into the crowd at the door until we’re standing in front of everyone. 
It is a huge relief to see Sage sitting up in bed in his hospital gown, not only awake but with a smile on his face as he talks to everyone. 
When he sees us, his handsome face brightens even more. 
“There’s my girl! I was wondering where you were,” Sage says. At first, I think I must have misheard him, but then the rest of the room goes completely silent. 
“What did you say?” Tal asks, quickly dropping my hand while I glance over my shoulder to try and figure out which woman he’s talking to. I didn’t know he was dating anyone. In fact, that idea makes me furious since he broke up with me to focus on training. 
But other than his mom Claire, who is on the other side of the room next to his bed, I’m the only other female in the room. 
“Don’t look so worried, baby,” Sage says. “Come over here. I’m fine, I promise.” He holds out his arms wide like he’s…waiting for a hug. 
“Ah, what?” I whisper, looking up at Tal, who has gone pale. 
“I don’t fucking know,” he mutters. 
“Get your ass over here, Eden,” Sage says, leaving no doubt that he’s speaking to me. 
“Oh, um, okay,” I say as I take a few slow steps forward, unbelievably confused. When I’m close to the bed, Sage reaches out and grabs my arm to drag me closer, and I go, letting myself sink into his warm embrace. It’s been so long since we’ve been this close. I had forgotten how good it feels. 
Tal may look like Sage, but it’s never felt the same when I’m with him, as much as I hate admitting it. It’s not like Tal isn’t aware. He knows that I’m not in love with him and vice versa. 
But I can’t let myself get attached to being in Sage’s arms again, not when it nearly killed me to get over him. 
I start to pull away, but then Sage presses his lips to mine for a full-on kiss with tongue and all. It happens so fast that my head spins. I don’t even have time to kiss him back before it’s over. 
What the hell is wrong with him? Why would he do something so cruel to me in front of his friends and family? 
I start to jerk away, and then there are arms around me, yanking me out of Sage’s reach. 
“What the fuck are you doing, man?” Tal snaps at his brother. 
Sage’s golden eyebrows dip as his forehead creases. “What do you mean? What’s your problem? Last I checked, I can kiss my girlfriend whenever I want.” 
I’m not exaggerating. Everyone in the room gasps, the loudest of which is their mom Claire. 
“Honey, are you feeling okay?” she asks, placing her palm on his cheek as tears fill her eyes. 
“I told you I’m fine,” he assures her. “I still don’t know why you brought me here, though.” 
“You’re here because you were knocked unconscious during the fight with Cyrus and wouldn’t wake up!” Linc explains. 
Sage just stares blankly at his father and then glances around the rest of the room before asking, “Who the hell is Cyrus?” 
“Oh my god!” Claire exclaims as she turns around to bury her face in Linc’s chest as she sobs. “He doesn’t remember!”

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