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Three Nights with a Player (Playboy Billionaire Club, Book 3)

Three Nights with a Player (Playboy Billionaire Club, Book 3)

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Ainsley Kirkpatrick is tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along. She’s ready to become a mother now, even if it means doing it alone.

When her best friend and next-door neighbor, Callihan Frasier, finds out she’s planning to pick a random donor for insemination, he jokingly tells her that she won’t ever find the perfect man in the database because he’s not in it.

Ainsley can’t deny that Cal really is the total package genetically – he’s healthy, handsome, and smart.

Cal’s definitely not ready to be a father, but he loves Ainsley. In fact, he loves her so much that he eventually agrees to donate his DNA to help her achieve her dream of becoming a mother.

When Cal goes to make his “donation” he gets stage fright, so Ainsley offers him an alternative plan - make a baby with her the old-fashioned way.

Cal can’t resist the opportunity to finally be with the beautiful woman who has repeatedly shot him down since the day they met.

And while Ainsley expects things to be awkward when the time finally comes to do the deed with her best friend, she’s surprised to find out that they have an explosive chemistry together.

The kind of chemistry that threatens to complicate and possibly ruin their formerly platonic friendship.

Main Tropes

  • Possessive Hero
  • Friends-to-Lovers
  • Opposites Attract



“You know, there is a way for you
to avoid the taunting plastic cup altogether,” I blurt out.

“Yeah?” Shifting around on the
sofa, Cal faces me, looking hopeful.

“It would, um, actually save me a
few grand too.”

“Count me in. What is it?” he

“We could make a baby the
old-fashioned way.”

Cal chokes on…nothing and clutches the front of his throat. “The old-fashioned…you’re joking, right?”

“Am I that repulsive to you?”

“No, of course not! You know I’ve
been trying to f**k you since we met.”

Huh. I thought he was joking after
the first few times I turned him down.

“Then why couldn’t we just have sex
a few times without it being a big deal?”

Now he cringes. “I don’t know,
Ainsley. That’s a lot different than just handing a doctor a cup.”

“Yeah, you’re right. We shouldn’t
cross that line.”

I should’ve kept my mouth shut
because now it’s weird. Neither of us speaks through an entire episode of Vikings.

The theme song is starting up again
when Cal breaks the silence without looking away from the screen. “What if it ruins this? Our friendship?”



“Oh. I thought we threw out that

“Wouldn’t it mess everything up if
we had sex?”

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