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Ultimate 14 Book Steamy Romance Bundle

Ultimate 14 Book Steamy Romance Bundle

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Don't miss out on the Ultimate Contemporary Romance Bundle written by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lane Hart.

This offer is NOT available anywhere else and includes three complete contemporary series priced at more that 50% off!

The perfect bundle for binge readers!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is a brilliant collection that you will love. Plenty of hot steamy scenes but also so much more…” - Amazon Review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Loved it! The stories and characters are amazingly done and written. I enjoyed the chemisty and spice. Grab this, you will not be disappointed.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Entertaining, smoking hot, fantastic stories. Steamy scenes were exciting and hot! New author to me, and I definitely will be reading more by them.” 

Sneak peek from One Night with a Billionaire:

What the hell am I doing? One second, I was browsing through the row of books I’ve already read, and the next, I’m making out with Billionaire Harrison Avery.

Sneak peek from Beg for Mercy:

“Why did you do it? What do you want? You think this small kindness is going to magically wipe away all the blackmail I have on you?” she asks, eyes narrowed at me suspiciously.

“No, I don’t,” I say because the truth is that I don’t want this – whatever this is between us – to be over. So, she can keep holding the pictures and video over my head forever for all I care.

She’s not going to show anyone. I know that now. I think she just enjoys having leverage on me which makes her think that she’s my equal now or something, like she’s no longer beneath me.

But I never thought of her as being anything but out of my league because she’s smart and brave and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about her.

She’s everything that I’m not and I wish I could be.

Books included in this bundle:

  • One Night with a Billionaire (Small Town Romance)
  • Two Nights with a Heartthrob (Bosshole Romance)
  • Three Nights with a Player (Friends-to-Lovers)
  • Beg for Mercy (Enemies-to-Lovers)
  • Crave Your Mercy (Brother's Best Friend)
  • Have Mercy (Enemies-to-Lovers)
  • All In: Double or Nothing (Love Triangle)
  • All In: Betting on a Full House (Best Friend's Ex)
  • All In: Calling His Bluff (Brother's Best Friend)
  • All In: Playing the Fool (Mistaken Identity)
  • All In: Playing to Win (Second Chance)
  • All In: Paying to Play (Fake Relationship)
  • All In: Paying His Way (Brother's Ex)
  • All In: Raising the Stakes (Running from Danger)
  • TWO BONUS NOVELLAS: Tainted Love & Crazy in Love

Main Tropes

  • Small Town
  • Enemies-to-Lovers
  • Brother's Best Friend


On Night with a Billionaire

Spirited Siena Butler is done with men. But after frustratingly handsome billionaire Harrison Avery struts into her small-town beach shop, he decides he’ll do anything to have her — so he buys the shop and becomes her new boss… A steamy enemies-to-lovers romance from a USA Today bestselling author.

Two Nights with a Heartthrob

After sharing a night with gorgeous Kylie, Hollywood heartthrob Micah is willing to leave his philandering days behind — even though she’d rather forget him. But a twist of fate has them working together… and trapped alone during a snowstorm.

Three Nights with a Player

When Ainsley Kirkpatrick decides to become a mother by herself, her neighbor Callihan Frasier jokingly suggests he’d be the perfect donor — and Ainsley can’t deny that he’s right. But making a baby the traditional way reveals a chemistry between them that threatens their platonic friendship…

Beg for Mercy

Aric Prince is a rich, arrogant football star who thinks he’s completely untouchable. But when his nemesis catches him making a monumental mistake, her blackmail begins. Maddie won’t stop until Aric’s reign at Mercy Academy comes to an explosive end.

Crave Your Mercy

One night with my brother's best friend turned out to be a disaster with unexpected consequences. And no matter how much Blake begs, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive him.

Have Mercy

One summer I made the mistake of falling in love with an angry, bad boy. I trusted Royal, but in the end, he didn’t just hurt me – he destroyed me. Now he won't stop until he ruins my life at Mercy Academy while I pretend he doesn’t exist. Royal may be an asshole, but he still takes up too much space in my head and, unfortunately, in my heart.

Double or Nothing

Lauren was down on her luck until she met not one but two incredible men on the same day. Will she find true love with one of them or will she give her heart to both?

Betting on a Full House

Jessica Dodson’s life has been anything but easy.

At seventeen, she ran away from home with her eleven-year-old brother to protect them both from their abusive father.

Now,after sacrificing her own happiness for four years while raising Jonathan, she’s ready to have a little fun, including a fling with a crazy hot police officer.

Calling His Bluff

Julie Reavis thinks the sorority girls at her expensive Liberal Arts private school are all idiots. For some reason, they've wrongly mislabeled Dylan, her brother Will's long-time best friend as being gay. However, she doesn't mind using their mistake to make Dylan an indecent

Playing the Fool

When she finds out the cute, unassuming, intelligent guy is
actually the first man that can show her the wild passion she’s been
missing out on, she reconsiders her no commitment rule. That is until
fate eventually steps in revealing all the secrets Will has kept from

Playing to Win

The quarterback previously named Rookie of the Year and deemed
the Sexiest Man Alive is on top of the world. Or at least he was until
he gets hit by a scandal that could end his career.

To keep his multi-million dollar contract with the family-oriented
Wildcats, Zack has to improve his playboy image, starting with settling
down with one woman…and he must do so in less than a week's time!

Paying to Play

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, but this time there are a million reasons why the line, no matter how tempting, is one that can’t be crossed.

Paying His Way

She's too young, too sweet, and has too much of a past with my little brother.

I shouldn’t think twice about Maggie Frasier. When she needs my help, though, there’s no way I can ignore her and my newborn nephew.

Raising the Stakes

When several defendants from Katie's past escape from prison they plan on getting revenge on the woman who put them away. She'll need the help of one incredibly gorgeous defense attorney to keep herself and her son safe.


Excerpt from One Night


Most days I sit at the counter of Salty Dan’s Beach Shop hoping and praying for a customer, but not today.

No, today we got in our new
inventory for spring, which means out with the old, in with the new.

It’s a lot of work, but that’s
exactly what I need today to keep my mind busy. If I think too hard, I’ll break down and cry; and I refuse to throw myself a pity party.  Anger is better. Men suck.

I’m at least five hours into the
transition, jamming along to the upbeat songs coming through the speakers from the satellite radio I begged the owner, Danny, to install. He didn’t do it for me or his other employee, who happens to be his son. No, what pushed him over
the edge was the article I showed him about how people buy more when they’re happy, and pop music makes them happy.

To be honest, the music is sort of
like being in a completely unrealistic romantic comedy every single day, but it beats the silence, especially today.

When the front bell jingles, at
first, I think I imagined it. There are never any customers this time of year because the store caters to tourists, not locals, and tourists don’t show up until spring break. Still, I stand on my tiptoes, cursing being height-challenged to peek over the rows of clothing racks to be sure, and that’s when I see him.

And God bless America, he’s hot.

With the front of his jet-black
hair styled perfectly, a clean-shaven face, wearing a blue dress shirt and an undone navy tie, the tall man with massive shoulders strolls in the same way all the rich assholes do – like he owns the place.

He doesn’t.

Danny Denning is the man who owns this store and two others just like it up and down the coast. He’s a grouchy old man with a hunchback.

Dammit, I’m so distracted by the
customer’s sexy swagger that I temporarily forget that I hate men, especially gorgeous, rich ones like this guy and Braxton Walker.

I’ve wasted too much time. It’s too
late to make a run for the counter to put some space between us. Nope, I have to stand my ground surrounded by the buy one get one free beach towels when the
hottie asks, “Hey, how’s it going? Where’s your swimwear?”

That’s right. He doesn’t actually
the first question like he cares how I am. Nope, he just uses it to
pretend he has good manners when I have no doubt he’s a pretentious jerk.

Which is why I make the
split-second decision to lie to him on the second question. “Right this way,” I say as I lead him over to the section of racks a few feet away. I’m almost certain I can feel his eyes staring at my ass in my jeans. That’s why I grab the smallest size on the rack and hold them out to him. “Here you go.”

One incredibly sexy black eyebrow
arches, and I realize he’s standing even closer than I expected, so close that I can see the swirls of gold in his warm dark chocolate eyes. “Those are little
boy’s speedos.”

“Yes, they are,” I say. “Isn’t that
what you wanted?”

“I’m gonna need something
significantly bigger.”

No, Siena. Don’t go down this road.
Don’t do it. Don’t flirt!

“How much bigger?” I ask, despite
knowing better.

His perfect, beautiful face is even
more appealing when he smiles, making two very deep dimples appear in his cheeks. Then he opens his mouth. “Want to go in the back and find out?” 

“Ugh. No!”

I hang the boys underoos up and
start walking toward the counter.

“Hey, you asked!” he calls after
me. And I hate him a little more because he’s right. I shouldn’t have asked the flirtatious question. Just like I shouldn’t have had so many drinks at the bar when I got stood up on New Year’s or slept with the jerk when he finally showed
up hours later…

“I wish I hadn’t asked!” I mutter.

“Wait! I really do need your help
finding some boardshorts.”

I stop walking and decide to stick
with my earlier lie. Unless he walks into the storage room and digs deep, he won’t see a single pair of men’s shorts.

“So sorry, but we’re all sold out
of boardshorts.”

“Seriously?” he asks with an
arrogant head tilt like he knows I’m lying. So, what if I am, buddy? Screw you.

“It’s the off-season, you know.” I
shrug to make the lie more believable. “We should have some more in soon.”

He goes over and starts wandering
through the racks, and even looks in the boxes, but he won’t find any
boardshorts – just lots of cheap beach towels.

“Damn,” he says when he comes to a
stop, his hands on his hips. “How soon will you get more in?”

Another shrug. “A few weeks.”

“I need a pair to wear today.”

“Well, in that case…” I march over
to the men’s section and grab a pair of bright red speedos. “Guess you’ll have to make do with these.”

“Those are…no way,” he says with a
shake of his head, refusing to take them. “I’ll go somewhere else.”

“Yeah, good luck with that too,” I
tell his back when he starts to the door. Damn, his ass is round and juicy in his pale gray suit pants. “All the other beach shops are closed this time of year. We’re the only clothing store that stays open all year long. But maybe you
could buy some online and have them flown in on your private helicopter.”

“Nah, I gave Davidson the week
off,” he says with a straight face as if he actually does own a private
helicopter. Ugh, rich entitled jackass.

He silently considers me for several
long moments. “Are there really no other stores around here, or are you just messing with me?”

“It’s the truth. This place turns
into a ghost town in the off-season. Only those rich enough to take vacations whenever they want show up at the beach this time of year.”

He keeps watching me, like he’s
waiting for me to burst into laughter and say “Gotcha”, but I keep the bored look on my face. It’s not hard since it’s a look I wear almost every day.

“Fine,” he mutters. “I guess these
are better than nothing.”

He takes the tiny red speedos from
me, and I barely stop myself from smiling. “I can check you out at the
counter,” I say, turning away to do just that.

I take my place on the stool in
front of the register, while he comes up on the other side and pulls out his wallet. “So, my friend has a new house on the beach. Why don’t you bring some friends and come over when you get off work?”

I pause in the middle of scanning
the price tag to look at his face and see if he’s being serious. He is. “Oh my god. No, just no!”

“Why not?”

“Sorry, but that rich boy shit will
not work on me.” 

I scan the tag, and he asks, “Then
what will? Don’t you want to see me in the speedos?”

God yes, I do. But that is not
going to happen.

“Let me save us both some time,
mister moneybags. You don’t have a chance in hell of ever sleeping with me.”

“I don’t?”

“Nope, not in a million years or
for a million of your daddy’s dollar bills.”

He grins bigger as if this whole
conversation is a joke to him. “What if they were my own? Would that make a difference?”

“Your own what?” I ask, busying
myself with grabbing a reusable canvas bag with the store logo on the front to put his speedos inside.

“My own million,” he clarifies.

“Ha!” a fake bark of laughter
bursts out of me. “How about you just pay for your banana hammock and leave?” 

With his black leather wallet still
in his hand, he pats the front of his chest with the free one and says, “Hold on, I left my checkbook in the car.”

He starts to the door, and I call
out, “We take cash or credit!” but he ignores me.

I glance out the window into the
parking lot, wondering if he’ll just say to hell with the speedos and leave. But no, he reaches inside a black SUV and comes back into the store with a long, thin leather case that looks like it holds checks twice the size of normal ones.

“What’s the total?” he asks,
removing a pen from inside the case.

“You’re in luck. Since it’s the
off-season, the speedo is on sale for $29.99. With tax that brings your total to…” I glance at the register, “thirty-two dollars and nine cents.”

I swear he takes forever filling
out the check. I thought only old women used those nowadays, not hot businessmen.

Finally, he rips the paper out
gently and hands it to me, “There you go.”

I reach for it, but he doesn’t let
go right away, so there’s a slight tug of war over the check.

I’m starting to get even more
annoyed when he says, “My cell number and the address for the beach house are in the memo section in case you change your mind.”

“Wow, you don’t get turned down
much, do you?” I say in disbelief since I couldn’t have made it clearer that this, us, was never going to happen no matter how hot he is.

“No, never actually,” he says with
a thoughtful grin and furrowed brow as if he’s suddenly unsure of himself.
“Have a good night.”

He grabs the bag and starts to
leave. Stupidly, I don’t want him to go just yet. I tell myself it was just
nice having a customer for once.

“Wait, don’t you want your
receipt?” I call out, but he slips right out the door, ignoring me.

When he’s gone, I finally glance
down at the check in my hand and see way too many zeros. Jesus, it’s like they go on and on and on. No wonder it took him so long to write it.

The total isn’t for
thirty-two-oh-nine. Oh no, it’s for one million, thirty-two dollars and nine cents made out to cash!

That arrogant son of a bitch.

He just stole a pair of speedos!


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