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Wreck Me: A Standalone Age Gap Romance

Wreck Me: A Standalone Age Gap Romance

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I never expected to fall for Riley, but she's all I think about.

She knows how much I want her, too. That's why the beautiful tease is trying her best to break me.

Like being caught in the riptide, she's impossible to resist.

And no matter how hard I try, I can't stay away.

She's completely wrecked me.

Main Tropes

  • Age Gap Romance
  • Friend's Father
  • Surprise Pregnancy



I’m lost in my quiet musings, watching the waves crash on the beach after my morning run when I hear, “Morning, Mr. Harrington. Thanks for making the muffins.”
I didn’t notice anyone approaching my lounge chair or expect any of the girls to be awake at seven a.m.
When I look over to my right, I see the curvy brunette from last night with a beach towel rolled up underneath her arm, carrying another lounge chair in the other. Before I can respond or ask her to call me Brody, not Mr. Harrington, she bends down to unfold the chair. I nearly break my neck from the swiftness with which I avert my eyes.
Mother of God!
The girl is wearing a thong!
In public!
If she were my daughter, I would drag her ass, her very bare ass, back into the house and not let her leave again until she changed into something less revealing.
But this girl is not my daughter, my stirring cock reminds me, when it thickens in my boardshorts. His incredibly inappropriate opinion is to drag her back into the house, spank her bare ass, watch as she removes the thin black string bikini, and then park her bottom right on my….
“Could you get my back?” the sexy siren wearing dark sunglasses asks, holding out a spray bottle of tanning oil to me.
“What?” I ask.
Am I dreaming? Did I fall asleep out here watching the sunrise? I surreptitiously pinch my own thigh and realize I was right. I am awake and this girl is the biggest fucking cocktease on the planet.
“Could you do my back for me?” she repeats.
Not only could I do you from the back, I could do you from the front, from the side, with you on top…
Stop that! I reprimand my dick as I take the offered spray bottle and stare at it rather than her two soft breasts spilling out of teeny, tiny, black triangles with blue and purple swirls.
Except, how would I know the specific color and style of her top unless I was in fact staring…Shit.
It has to be sleep deprivation making me go crazy...
Lowering my eyes to the spray bottle in my hands again, I concentrate on the words written on the label to get my dirty mind back on track. It says, “Apply generously to exposed skin. Repeat often.”
Am I the only one aware of the innuendo there?
I keep reading the label, not yet ready to stand up for fear the bulge of my hard cock will be noticeable.
“This is only SPF 15,” I tell her disapprovingly with a frown.
“I’m naturally tan so it’s fine,” she assures me. And with a fast as lightning onceover from her head to her toes, only to confirm that her skin won’t burn, I verify that yes, she is in fact incredibly tan all over. Not a single tan line in sight as she turns around, giving me her back to rub oil on her.
“What are you doing awake so early? You were up past three. Did you sleep any?” I ask as a distraction when I get to my feet. They’re unsteady thanks to the heavy anchor currently growing between my legs and throwing me off balance.
“Yeah, a little,” she says with a sigh. I consider asking a follow-up question about why she can’t sleep, but then she lifts her dark chocolate waves off her back, revealing her elegant neck that my mouth is only inches away from and I have to choke back a groan.
With all the strength I can muster, I squeeze my finger down on the yellow spray nozzle and start squirting oil over her neck and upper back. Using my free hand, I press my fingertips to her warm skin and start rubbing it in.
Fuck, her skin is so soft and silky smooth. And the damn coconut oil has to be the most erotic scent in the world. I rub, and rub, and rub some more, moving past the string of her top to cover every inch of her lower back with oil. When my thumb accidentally brushes against the triangle of her thong I sputter an apology.
Wait, how long have I had my hands on her? Is the sun beginning to set?
It feels like I was lost in a trance for half the day while I was touching her.
“Can you do the back of my legs too?” she asks, not sounding the least bit upset with me for my inappropriate and prolonged caress. Of course not, because that’s the little tease’s plan; to get me touching her and not want to stop. Fuck if it’s not working, too.
“Ah, maybe you should get one of the girls to do that part,” I mutter in refusal as I stare down at her perfect ass cheeks. If my hands get near them I won’t be able to stop. When was the last time I was this close to a woman’s ass? The last time I had sex was three years ago? Maybe four? Way too long.
That’s all this is, an unhealthy reaction to the first available woman who has flaunted her perfect, nearly naked body in front of me in as long as I can remember.
“They’re all still asleep and I want to lay on my stomach first,” the temptress says to me over her shoulder. “Please?”
“I don’t think that would be…appropriate,” I tell her, making my dick enraged when I decide not to take her up on this enticement. It’s the prudent thing for me to do, even if I hate not getting my hands on that ass I’m becoming obsessed with.

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